Private eye Laura Holt grudgingly accepts a new partner when a mystery man assumes the identity of her fictitious boss, Remington Steele. Together, the two battle crime as as their feelings for each other. Blurb by Melissa Jones via

Stephanie Zimbalist :::: Laura Holt

Pierce Brosnan :::: Remington Steele

Doris Roberts :::: Mildred Krebs
(Seasons 2-5)

James Read :::: Murphy Michaels
(Season 1)

Janet DeMay :::: Bernice Foxe
(Season 1)

Run by @twolittlewords with many submissions by @andforgotten. All screencaps are my own. Other promo shots etc are credited where I can or where I think it's justified. Submissions are very welcome, at the moment I'm just slowly working my way through the series episode by episode because I don't have a lot of free time, and I like to watch things in order!


Anonymous asked
has nbc cancelled the rs reboot or not? i've been trying to find out for weeks and it's driving me crazy .-.

I don’t think they could have yet, as far as I can make out they ordered a script, which probably hasn’t been finished yet. Once there is a script they would decide whether to make a pilot or not, and I assume we’d hear something then. Anyone else know anything?

PS. Sorry I’m totally neglecting this blog, I’m travelling Europe for several months ( if interested) if anyone wants to help out by reblogging stuff let me know :)

Anonymous asked
do you know where you can download the ending credits theme song from rs?

Not off the top of my head, can anyone else answer this? 

NB. Sorry I know I’m completely neglecting this blog lately, I’m travelling indefinitely, probably 6mths or so, but I might get more time during some legs…

Anonymous asked
What episode was their first kiss from? :)

Someone might correct me but off the top of my head I think it’s 1x05 - Thou Shalt Not Steele - but it’s for “cover” - not sure when the first “not pretending at all” kiss is (check replies to this later)

Edit, I wasn’t quite there - eaz35173 said: They’re first kiss was a “cover” kiss, as you remembered, but it was in the 3rd episode - “Steele Waters Run Deep”